UW-F tries to have the most open and interesting Forums and welcomes the participation of both Members and Non Members. However, some decorum is needed as we do have ladies and youngsters participating. The rules are simple and easy to meet:


No foul language.

No personal attacks.

No graphic photos and, with the ladies, none beyond what you can see at the beach.....and I do not mean South Beach!

No racist or hate statements

Those who wish to post on UW-F forums will treat others with respect.

The internet brings out the best and the worst in individuals....we ask that you consider if you would want your young daughter or grand-daughter to read the post you are about to make.

BOD members and moderators can edit or delete posts at their discretion.

Use of the UW-F public forums is a privilege. Users can lose their posting privilege for violations of the forum rules and/or disrupting the decorum.