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Pull the trigger: Feed the hungry

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  • Pull the trigger: Feed the hungry

    John Paige III
    Game Meat Manager

    P. (772) 633?8883

    E. [email protected]


    Dear Fellow Outdoorsmen and Women,

    My name is John Paige, and I am working with an exceptional charity called Fillet For Friends. This outfit was begun by two 14-year-old young men back in 2014. They are avid anglers who caught more than their families and friends could eat so they started a charity to donate the excess fish to food pantries and homeless shelters.

    This freed up some freezer space so they could fish again.

    This year FFF expanded its offerings to include game meat, and I am heading up these efforts. If you have any excess game meat (deer, hog, alligator, duck, dove, quail, snipe, geese, etc.) and you need the freezer space please let me know if you?re willing to donate it.

    If, during this hunting season, you have the opportunity to shoot a particular animal (or animals) but are unsure you want to, go ahead and pull the trigger. We will make sure the meat is put to good use.

    Don?t let the lack of freezer space limit your hunting.

    Please spread the word to friends and family about this charity and, if you, or anyone you know has any excess game or fish please let me know so I can arrange to get it where it can do the most good.

    Thank you and have a great and safe hunting season!

    John Paige III
    Satchel's Dad
    Amnesia cures Deja Vu!