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    Not a lot of "duck stuff" going on, but UW-F is still involved in several issues. Recently while attending a USACE meeting on the restoration plan for the "western Everglades" it was noted that hundreds of acres of a pristine up to 500 years old cypress swamp in Big Cypress was to be bulldozed and made into a STA. UW-F joined several groups in oppostion to 'destroying pristine wilderness to "restore" the Everglades".....made no sense. This USACE plan has made it years down the pike before the exact STA location was put on a map for this meeting. Lots of money has been spent.....but, we got the attention of the SFWMD Gov. Board and a helicopter flyover confirmed the plan would do a lot of damage versus any benefits and we are expecting the location to be moved.....$millions wasted on what should have been easy to see was a bad idea......The battle to "save Lake Okeechobee" continues from another bad idea, LOSOM as currently composed will keep the Lake Too High, too often and too long.....destroying the crucial marshes and vegetation. UW-F has been fighting this battle for over 3 years, again with allies.who fish the Lake. The aquatic plant spraying, especially in the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes is a constant issue and UW-F works for some consideration of the ducks and duck least 30% SAV in the lakes. Currently, the St. Johns has no Recreation Meetings scheduled, and no real issues have popped up recently. Hickory Mound has had no new issues, and probably because so far, no large storms in the area. The impoundments seem to be improved. So far, no one who hunts Lake Seminole has complained about spraying.....The STAs in S. FL will be looked at in August to see what can be done to get more Parking Spots for launching kayaks. The FWC staff works with what the SFWMD STA Managers allow.
    Please let us know of any issues in your area!
    N. Cook

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    Thanks for the update Newton. Very happy to hear the cypress swamp didn't get bulldozed in favor or another new cattail filled pond of water.