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  • Daylight Savings/NO!Standard/ YES

    I agree that we need to stop the nonsense of Spring Forward and Falling Backwards with Daylight Savings and Standard Time.
    Marco Rubio is the lead on going with Daylight Savings since he has no other legislation to show for his waste of taxpayers time and money.
    Standard Time needs to be the standard and it is called "Standard" for a reason and has been since the beginning of time.
    As hunters we need to contact these rocket scientist in heading this up since Legal Shooting Time for Duck Season will be closer to 8 AM. With areas like STA's that will be 1 more hour shinning off poachers and swatting mosquitoes.
    Call or email your Congressman/woman and tell them No To Daylight Savings.
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    Re: Daylight Savings/NO!Standard/ YES

    Yes it has its pluses and minuses for hunting in the AM.

    I liked the earlier sunrise to sneak in a morning hunt before work!!